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3D Visualization Support

3D Visualization Support

Make Design Come To Life:

RevitServices uses latest software and technology processes to improve 3D visual design. With the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM) process and Revit suite, our revit professionals produce high quality 3D rendering and architectural presentations for designers, architects and engineers to communicate their design intent to the investors and clients as pre-selling tools.

Revit has quite a few advantages, the most significant being the time and cost feasibility in using Revit parametric objects for visualization purposes. Revit has powerful tools for rendering and animation. Design visualizations are an effective medium to visualize study and communicate building design. The ease with which a building information model can be transferred to 3D software without loss in integrity and quality reduces cost and time required traditionally.

Our 3D modelers at RevitServices integrate 3D visualization with building information model to facilitate better coordination, during the design phase, between design professionals, builders, and technicians involved in the process. It also helps resolve miscommunication and scheduling issues by inciting owner and stakeholder inputs. Communicating design intent and impact at every step of the design process is made easier for architects with the use of BIM design visualization techniques.

Why RevitServices?

We are continuously providing our clients with improved productivity by way of easy information retrieval, increased design and construction documents coordination, embedding and linking of vital information such as vendors for specific materials, location of details and quantities required for estimation and tendering, increased turnaround time and reduced overall costs, risks, conflicts and errors. We help reflect an architect's true vision by 3D visualization by embedding requisite detail in the building information model.

Create models for a part of or the complete project for rendering, analysis, visualization and animation purposes with our revit and BIM expertise. Our 3D visualization support solutions help visualize complex geometrical design, interiors and spacing and construction sequences.

3D Visualization

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