The Team at RevitServices -India , has over the past year has helped provide us with a service that has turned our Draughting team here in Christchurch NZ into a team that can really provide the goods... Jeremy Harrison
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Architectural offshoring has caught on with not only small and medium size architectural firms outsourcing close to 70% of the design and documentation related work but also large architectural firms. Ever increasing competition in the architectural and construction environment has pushed firms to rethink their core business strategy.


Why put yourself through the entire vicious circle of recruiting, staffing and training personnel when you have an entire team of trained, knowledgeable and qualified architects, draughtsman and designers at your disposal. Our team of talented Revit professionals is just a click away! Whether you require additional help to supplement your team for a particular project or you require revit architects to take over a certain phase of your project we deliver at the click of a button.


Falling short of talented revit expertise for a much awaited, reputed project? That is exactly where RevitServices steps in. You can hire our revit designers, revit draftsman, and revit modeler on a contractual basis as and when your need arises.

Empower your organization to handle challenges and large scale commercial and industrial building projects without upsetting your organizational structure or balance. Take on more and more stimulating projects and clients while maintaining your small but well connected and motivated in house team and hiring architects and professionals from our pool of competent and capable revit professionals.

Create a business strategy for your organization that you can exponentially benefit from our-

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